Chairman of the CGPA Management Board
He has many years of experience in the implementation of consulting projects as part of the teams of consultants of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) in Ukraine (1996-2001), the International Institute of Business (2001-2012) and the Ukrainian Corporate Governance Institute (since 2012). He is the author of the several training programs for corporate governance professionals in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Mongolia. Member of the Expert Board on Corporate Governance of the National Securities and Stock Market Commission. Co-author of the first Ukrainian manual on corporate governance issues (IFC publication, Kyiv, 1999); "The Handbook of International Corporate Governance" (published by the British Institute of Directors, London, 2005); author and compiler of the manual Corporate Governance in Private and Family Companies (Kyiv, 2012), co-author of the manual “Compliance for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses” (Kyiv, 2015), co-author of the Methodological Recommendations for the Development and Implementation of Anti-Corruption Compliance Measures, co-author of manual “Anti-Corruption Compliance” (for the training program for persons responsible for anti-corruption program implementation) (Kyiv, 2018), author of more than 100 publications on corporate law and governance.