The Registry may include the professionals who in accordance with the laws of Ukraine have the right to be nomunated to the supervisory boards of Ukrainian Companies and meet the following criteria:

  • professional success, confirmed by relevant achievements in career development, for example, the status of the business owner or head (deputy head) of a real sector company, bank; a partner of a law or audit company that is one of the leading in the country, etc.; 
  •  understanding of current national and world trends and directions of development of theory and best practice of the role, tasks, principles, and organization of supervisory boards' activity, confirmed, for example, by the experience in supervisory boards (boards of directors, other similar bodies), relevant trainings in reputable organizations, etc.; 
  •  ability to understand and evaluate the company's business as a whole and/or the main business processes, making a specific contribution to the activities of at least one of the committees of the Board; 
  •  willingness and ability to express independent professional judgments and make appropriate decisions; 
  •  personal integrity.